5 Easy Drawing Tips


1. Don't get overwhelmed by a new blank page. Draw a frame or box on your blank page. Fill this box. Move on to another box.

2. Sketch what you want to draw in the air first. Drawing in the air by hovering your pencil over your page really helps to establish your 'seeing' into concrete form. It may feel silly at first, but it works.

3. Don't make hard and dark lines immediately. Lightly outline the whole subject with pencil just touching the paper. This way you can see if what you want to draw will fit on the page, or in the box (see #1).

4. Set a time limit for your sketches can help you from getting overwhelmed with the sheer amount of subject matter to draw.

5. Really look at your subject before committing to paper. What do you see? Curves? Angles? Colours? Textures. What is it that you are truly seeing?