The Head and Heart Connection Meditation


What does this mean exactly and how do I do it?

Well, what I mean is that you are going to take your energy, your mind, your focus, from your head area and drop it down into your heart area. You are going to be seeing and feeling through your chest. In a way, you are going to be seeing and drawing from your chest and not with your eyes and hands.

There are several ways to do this meditation. Choose whichever feels good to you.

1. Breathe deeply, close your eyes and take a mental journey from your brain, down the back of your throat, into your chest and into your heart. When you are there, envision a lovely flower. With every inhalation, the flower petals open more and more until the flower is in full splendid bloom. This radiant, open energy from the flower is your heart energy. The heart and the flower are one and the same. Now send this energy out to the subject you are drawing. In turn, receive the energy it sends back. Continue this exchange as you draw. If the connection breaks, just sink back into the flower that is your heart.


2. Breathe deeply and envision a golden cloud around your head and in your head. With your hands, physically gather the golden cloud and draw it down to your chest area. Hug this cloud to your chest as though you are squeezing in the golden energy of the mind into your heart. Feel it take root in your heart. Let the two energies merge while you keep your focus on the gold ball of light in your heart. Now exchange this heart energy with your subject matter as you draw.


3. Breathe deeply and feel the most love you have ever had. It could be love for a person or an animal or a situation that filled you with such gratitude that you felt your heart overflow. Feel this in your heart as a glowing ball of golden energy. Let this feeling really expand until it really fills you and begins to brim over.  Now with this heart energy, see the subject with these eyes from the heart and begin to draw.