Okay, I'm not getting anywhere with posting sketches so I am going to cheat and post a watercolour that my MUM did while on holiday in Zion National Park, Utah. She mailed it as a birthday card.  It's of "The Narrows", a fantastic gorge carved out of the rocks by the Virgin River. There are two options for the hike through the gorge. Option one takes five hours and option two is thirteen hours. I can't remember which one they took, but no doubt it was the latter since they are a wee bit crazy. I'm a two hour option type gal myself, complete with tea and gingersnap cookies and comfy foam pad for appropriate sketching rests....or naps. Never underestimate the power of a nap my friends. Empires were built upon naps. Pyramids, great walls, hanging gardens, canals; all the things you thought were built by power and might were built by small naps in the sun.Narrows