Went for a walkies with Maggie down around the creeks. Yes, even in winter here we have green plant life and yes it is getting chillier but nothing like the snowstorms in the middle of the province that block the main highway to the rest of Canada. You see, where I live, the area is really moderated by being on the coast so the coldest we usually get is around -10 degrees celsius. If you drive east into the middle of the province and away from the coastline, you get the true Canadian winters. So technically, right now in the province, we have green grass AND snow. Of course, there is also snow on the mountains behind our neighbourhood, due to the higher elevation, all this damn rain falls as snow. So you can walk in the winter rain in the green ivy or go up the mountain and play in the snow. Anyway, in a round about way, there you go, now you know about rain and snow in my area. Hey, YOU brought it up.Creek