Sugar Snap Peas

A miserable morning. More cold rain and windy snain.
Decided to do a bit of drawing inside and what better thing than drawing the potential of my Sugar Snap Peas. Yum. These are planted a bit early for here, supposed to wait until the ground is a little dry, not too soggy, but still cool, but not so cold the peas will rot in the ground. ColdAntlerFarm decided to do a pea planting group to combat the throws of winter and heck why not?

 Though my gardening friend told me not to get my hopes up because peas can't be sown in pots and then put in the ground due to their sensitive root structures; they have to be directly seeded but we shall see. Perhaps I can gently manoeuvre the bottoms off the containers, or hopefully the peaty sides will rot away for me.