It's Pea Time!


So in my neighbour's garden across the alley, if you peak through the cracks in his fence ( because I am too short to see over it) one can see he has row upon row of peas. Yum! Sadly, my peas do not like my garden and only grow in planter pots which doesn't allow many peas per person....namely me. I think I'm supposed to add some innoculant to the soil for peas and nitrogen and blah, blah, blah for them to grow. I used to tell all the customers at the garden store to do this but I don't do it myself and now look...a shortage of peas. So, I shall try it next time I plant peas. (Funny they grow just fine in planter pots without innoculant.)
In France, we stopped at a rest stop and it was adjacent to a field of far as the eye could see...just peas. Do you think I could cram my hand through the chain link fence? No. I mean, non.
Anyhoo, what few I have are tasty and delicious.