A Canyon Afternoon

Perfect weather.
Spent the holiday at Lynn Canyon having a picnic. We walked up a ways to get away from the crowds and then cut through some bramble/shrub to get to the river's edge. Found a lovely area to have lunch with everything seemingly in shades of emerald. The water seemed inviting, but after wading through it for more than a few minutes, one's brain began to hurt.
Dragonflies high above, darting this way and that but too fast and too far for an identification.


Abundant large boulders reflect the power of the winter/spring floods when this creek becomes a churning river. On really rainy days, you can hear the rocks churning and grinding under the torrent of water. All the rocks along here are scoured smooth and some truly big boulders stand out from their brethren of smaller rocks.


I believe all the boulders and rocks are granite (since Lynn Creek cuts into a granite bedrock). This oddly shaped boulder ( I can't decide what it quite looks like) had a lovely smattering of moss. Perfect.