Bald-faced "Hornet" and Sunsets

So my husband mused aloud the other day, " I wonder why that wasp is sitting on top of the pile of dog poo."
We shrugged and looked puzzled. No doubt, from afar, we looked puzzled by a pile of dog poo. But, in all fairness, it didn't seem to be a very wasp-like thing to do. It doesn't lay its eggs there, it doesn't extract nutrients from any undigested food. It shouldn't be a king on top of such a castle.
Well, this morning I watched a Bald-faced Hornet sitting on a fresh pile of dog poo and found out what it was up to; it was catching flies and carrying the bodies off, presumably to the nest.
It didn't seem like an easy task mind you, it took many attempts to catch a fly and no matter how many times the wasp lunged for the fly, the fly always circled back and landed, confident in its speedier speed. Frustrating, but still easier to wait for the prey to come to you rather than flying high and low for your breakfast.
Still I will leave you with a prettier image of last night's sunset all coral and pretty from the forest fire smoke.