Painting with Ants

Painting in the garden near an ant's nest can be very tickly... and they are so nosy. "Are you done with your coffee cup?" they ask, crawling all over it. "Hey, it's gone cold. Heidi, did you know your coffee has gone cold? What's in here? Is this your paint box? It is so messy. Why are all your colours messed together? That can't be right. We don't do it like that. Here, let us get a 14th opinion. You should get some fresh water. You can't be painting with such dirty water. Since we are here, we are going to check the pigment per water ratio. Oh, do you mind fishing us out? Thanks so much. Heyyyy, this is a nice paintbrush! Sable right? We know our stuff. What are you painting? BUTTERCUPS?!! Those don't look like buttercups.

What! Why are you flicking us off? Can't you take some criticism?"