Water Bug

Poor waterbug. He thought the top of the car to be a pond. A lovely, dark pond, reflecting the forest and sky around him. I would have thought so too, if I were a bug. I noticed him when I was stacking wood. As I walked back and forth I could hear a faint buzzing in the background. When I stopped moving, so would he, so I couldn't pin-point what or where the noise was coming from. Finally, I managed to find him trapped where the windshield meets the hood of the car. I got him out and on the gravel. When I checked on him later, he had gone.


The next day, he was back again, buzzing about, stuck on the car, so once again I got him up and going. He liked sitting on the top of the car, no doubt somewhat perplexed at the rigidity of his pond.  This time I managed to get a pic before he spread his wings and burzeled off in disgust.