Frog Pool

This little fellow gets around. First he had climbed the 15 feet or so to get to the patio where he somehow managed not to cook himself on the south facing deck. He hid in the tomato plants and waited for the daily water. One day, I was sitting enjoying the evening when he started to sing, perhaps not realizing I too, was on the deck. Funny, I thought. He sounds really close. I didn't investigate, knowing how good frogs are at throwing their voices.


It wasn't until I was moving the pots around when I saw him and promptly removed him to the cool flower garden at the bottom of the yard. Well after a week or so, he ambled back up to the front of the house and sang off and on for a period of time. Then today, as I walked into the living room I heard singing REALLY close; Inside-the-house-singing! He had hidden in the houseplants I had put on the front steps to air. Well, needless to say, he got his own frog-pool outside in the leaves.