"At the Heart of the Matter"


A new little oil painting that I finally finished. It sat very patiently, wondering when I would stop being distracted by so many other things, much like all my patient teachers.

Actually, I was stuck in how to paint bees the way I feel about them. How to paint them as moving fire and light; little jewels in the air. I am very happy with the way they turned out and of course, it opens the door to other paintings with bees. So important in this turbulent world where we are collectively removing them from our Earth.

The Hives

We have two beehives in the garden now. Did I already mention that? I can't remember with all the goings on around here. At any rate, we have two hives named "Party Hive" and "Sky Hive". The nicknames kinda stuck the very first evening we put them in their homes. I'm sure something more noble will follow, but for now that is who they are. Both hives have different personalities. Party Hive is always super active, really sweet-tempered and always curious about what is going on in the garden. Sky Hive is very mellow and also sweet-tempered but more busy with what is going on IN the hive rather than out. Yin and Yang I suppose.

Sitting with the Bees

Anyway, I had a peek to see how they were faring with the poor weather conditions. I'm pleased to see both hives looking healthy.


New Comb


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Bumble Bee, Humble Bee

The old name for a Bumble Bee was "The Humble Bee" for all its wonderful qualities.

"Me? No, oh no... I thank you for your compliments but I didn't do all this pollinating on my own in early spring in the cold wet rains. I had plenty of help from the other denizens of the forest, I assure you. I wouldn't say no to a little rest here though, if you don't mind holding still for ten minutes."

She says, as she creaks her bees knees and rubs a knot in her back.

It's okay Humble Bee. We know what you do and we salute you.



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Bee Keeping Workshop

Today was a pleasant outing for a 2 hr bee-keeping workshop at Fredrich's Bee Farm.  It was actually sunny though chilly. Thebeeman

Theo, the bee-keeper was funny and chatty and stood about in his thin sweater and apron, hefting boxes about and dipping his hands in cold water to wash off the sticky honey while we stood about bundled up in coats and hats and gloves. ( I thought he was about sixty but he then said he had been bee-keeping for sixty years and still felt he was learning. Honey must be good for body and soul!) He said, normally, spring cleaning each box would take him but moments in order to minimize disturbance to the bees, but for us it he would take a bit longer to demonstrate. Fortunately, his bees were as pleasant natured as he was and weren't too grumpy having their homes opened for curious eyes. He does this teaching for free to give back to the community.



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Seedy Saturday

Found quite a few seeds that I was after at the Seedy Saturday.

BeestampMany companies were there as well as the local seed exhange table.

I bought a variety of seeds for flowers that bees like as well as some cool herbs from Eagleridge Seeds and some tobacco seeds from Mountain Seed Co.

Valerian, Angelica, Marshmallow, Motherwort, Hyssop, Figwort, and Lemon Catnip (2 packs by accident, so I must really need them without knowing I need them) are the ones I bought. I didn't buy any vegetable seeds as I only have so much room to start seedlings off and the bee garden is what I want to focus on this summer.

Oh and the Land Conservancy had a table there with a Pollinator Program wherein you plant some sunflower seeds (you are given a free packet of Lemon Queen) and you are to observe the bees on your plants come summer and report in what you see and how many you see. So that rocks.

Also scored an amazing pot of Snowdrops. Wish I had bought MORE!




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