On the Topic of Seaweed

 I do love seaweed. I like eating it. I like watching it. I like painting it. When it gets windy around here and the trees bend back and forth in a rhythmic sway, I often feel like a tiny fish in a kelp forest. The light falling through the trees is green and blue and the sound of the wind, when it gets determined, has the crash of breakers in it.

There is nothing I like more than painting seaweed paintings, and bringing that swaying movement into the house. A reminder too, that though we live on soil, our planet is a watery world. It is good to bring that element into the home. So although I say good-bye to my lovely painting, "The Salish Sea", I know it has gone to a good home where the denizens feel the same way.

Time and Tide

...wait for no man...

I like this view, sitting on the top of Erskine, watching the swallows, vultures and the tide below. I also thought I saw a whale... but maybe not... but maybe so...It was a shadowy shape that rose, seemingly to the surface and made, what I was assuming a white frothy churn from its blow-hole before disappearing again. These are times when you wished you had packed binoculars to an already straining backpack. Alas... now I will never know if what I saw was what I saw or what I saw wasn't.


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