Steller's Jays

The Steller's Jays are very clever you know. They now come to the fig tree and look into the art room. They can clearly see me and wait patiently for me to go into the kitchen and get their peanuts. (Yeah, patiently, without screeching... amazing.) They then follow with a short flutter to the patio and await their handout.

(Warning: I do and will go on and on about the jays. They are just all kinds of awesome.)
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Crows and Raccoons

Snow is slowly melting around the neighbourhood under the relentless drizzle of rain. Further up the hill, one can see snowfall fresh on the slopes.

Finally got some peanuts at the bird store as well as one of those wooden and rosin bird calls. I've always read about them but never have tried one. Perhaps, if Maggie is not too limpy we can go up to the wooded park to entice the Kinglets from the treetops.
The crows were making a huge fuss near the front of the house this morning. One by one, they were alighting upon the telephone poles and wires, making an enormous racket. Watching about 25 crows letting it rip was something to see. I suspected there was a cat hiding somewhere although I was puzzled by their intense hatred. I finally saw what was causing the frenzy when a very harassed raccoon ran, all humpty-backed, across the street to hide in the bushes.
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White Christmas

How quickly the days pass, Dec 5th being the last entry. Weather has been for the most part sunnier and drier than the previous December. Christmas Day turned out to be a white Christmas after all. Morning drizzle changed to snow as we chatted, drank coffee and looked out of the living room window. It started to slowly melt on Boxing Day but then, when we awoke this morning found that another snowfall had coated everything in white once again.

We have run out of peanuts the past few days and the crows and jays come by and wait and wait. We threw out a handful of mixed nuts that usually go into the tube feeders, but they weren't very impressed. Who knew corvids were a picky lot? Yeesh.
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Crow Games

While I was watching out the window, doing my bird count for the week, I saw a crow playing mid-air. He had a piece of food or maybe a twig and would fly quite high and let it drop. He would then plummet to catch it. He repeated this manouver until I lost sight of him behind the fir tree. How cool is that?

It's always the way, you think nothing is happening outside and a quick glance out of the window seems to confirm this. I find though, that after a small interval of time quietly watching, something new is always seen.

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A very snowy weekend. The snow stayed on the ground long enough for the park and Boulevard to be filled with people making snowmen and forts by the dozen. Teenagers, normally too cool to be amazed by anything, had fallen to their knees and were scraping snow into their arms, and with a lurching run, would deposit it in piles some ways over to facilitate in whatever structure they were making. By around three in the afternoon the next day, it began to rain and that was that. It warmed up to +4 and then to +12 by Monday. Heary rain followed unfortunately and caused a lot of flooding in the valley.

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