When we first being nature journalling, we begin with the gusto of sitting down to a feast. We pick a lovely spot and kerplonk ourselves down and get into it. "Yes", we think, "I am going to get something done today." We want to get something on paper, fill up our book, have a beautiful record of where we have been in our lives.

This beautiful piece of driftwood will do.

And off we sketch. Busy, busy outlining, shading, making notes. A slurp of tea from the thermos, perhaps a little colour from a few pencil crayons we have brought along. The day has been fine. We pack up and go home content with a job completed.

And this is indeed a good way to sketch. Almost the best. But how was your connection? Good or great? Did the magic happen? Did you feel that tingle on the back of your neck? Did you feel that stupid, goofy joy for no reason at all? Did time slow down? I mean really slow down, so that you felt in that moment, there was all the time in the world to draw that one little leaf? 

Did you feel the heavy importance of that leaf?

If you didn't feel the above. Don't despair. You were just more in your head than in your heart space. You can tweak that with, THE HEAD AND HEART CONNECTION MEDITATION