In a very far away time that is now, there exists an Andean story about a Hummingbird that dared to hide in the great feathers of the Condor so that he might glimpse the face of the Divine. The Condor, as we know, is truly a bird of noble strength and was charged with the sacred duty to bring the fragile prayers of the world to the Divine Spirit and in so doing in this communion, return with Divine blessings to the Earth.

The Hummingbird burned with a desire, as bright as his feathers, to also look upon the Divine and see for himself, the Divine Light of the Universe. And so, in the moment when the Condor was resting for his next journey, the little one stowed away, tiny and light, in the immense feathers of the Great Condor. Like this the two flew, beyond space, beyond time, in-between galaxies and far flung universes, bearing the delicate prayers from the young beings on the planet called Earth.

And in that space between space, the two reached the Great Creator and out flew the Hummingbird from his hiding spot, as shining as any star, to look upon the face of the Divine and, in so doing, to look upon himself.

For the Hummingbird's bravery and determination to know his own true nature, the Great Mystery bestowed the most precious of blessings upon the tiniest of birds; a soul of courageous love.