About the Paintings

The paintings are grouped loosely according to the four elements; earth, wind, water and fire. Each painting evoking a sensory experience associated with each element.

We have the self knowledge to know how we are created and what is within. We have been formed by the elements and through the elements. We were not created by anything but these raw materials. We sweat, cry, and breathe, reforming our very existence through these simple actions we take for granted. And not only are we created by the elements, but we can learn to work with the gifts they provide for us on the level of the mind and spirit.

Earth: That which gives you everything to create your world. Foundation, stability, inner knowing.

Air: liberating, expanding the knowledge of self, transcending, dreams, flight

Fire: transformation, transmutation, the spark of creation and love, illumination

Water: clarity, insight, flow, purifying, cleansing


"Uplift" (Air)

"Uplift" (Air)