Bear Totem

"Bear" 8 X 12 

"Bear" 8 X 12 

Gifts:  strength, protection, introspection

Teachings: Bear teaches how to harness inner strength with knowledge to create thoughtful action in the outer world.

Here, we see the Great Bear or Urus Major, following The North Star across the wintry landscape. She is represented carrying the sun upon her back for in her wisdom she carries her own inner fire, as we all do when we follow our own star.

Instead of polar white, this bear is a brown bear. She has left her familiar territory of the forest and is walking her own path, guided by her own judgement gained from inner wisdom. Her coat is ornate and regal and studded with stars. She walks with sure-footed certainty even through this new terrain.

Though she carries the sun on her back, we see her walking at night. The night time is yin energy, when all turns inward and energy contracts into the void.  The expanse of the night sky over her head is internalized; there is within her, a quiet vastness of time and space. The moon, the counter-balance to the sun, is cooling and calming. She walks in the energy of internal knowledge.

Above her, as above all of us, is her Guiding Star.  Always pointing true north, it maps her footing here on Earth. The star itself contains a golden disc, mirroring the sun disc she carries on her back for the eternal flame is never extinguished.

We hope her story serves you well now and in days to come.