Fragrant Shelter


Food, shelter, warmth, we forget the remarkable provisions of the evergreen forest. Blocking winter winds, evergreens grace the landscape, a familiar green patina. From coastal shore to alpine tree line, and from southern latitudes to the far reaches of the taiga, evergreens are so familiar we forget their remarkable capacity to adapt and provide.

With drooping, graceful sleeves, evergreen branches are designed with downward swoops to easily shed snow build up, and with waxy needles, moisture stays within instead of being lost to biting winter air. Resin, that sweet fragranced anti-freeze, runs in the blood of trees, keeping the sap moving enough for the evergreen to endure long winter nights and short winter days.

The evergreens around our neighbourhoods and about our homes are reminders of their brethern far, far to the north, enduring cold sweeping winds and short sun lit days. With fragrant branches they shelter and nourish the intrepid and the solitary.