Heron Totem

"Heron" 8 X 12 SOLD

"Heron" 8 X 12 SOLD

Guardian of the Shoreline

Gifts: knowledge and guide

Teachings: Heron has a direct source to ancestral knowledge. Heron teaches how to harness our soaring dreams and goals with ease and fluidity.

No ordinary bird, this one is Guardian of the Shoreline, a formidable ally indeed as he is master of wind, water and earth.

Where two terrains meet, there is a considerable energy source and where tide meets shoreline, the energy here can be formidable. No wonder the Heron patrols this realm with due seriousness.

Air and Water combined can be big enemies if left unchecked. Water represents emotions and Air; dreams and visions. Combined in an accelerated way, it he can have a chaotic effect as any shoreline in a storm will clearly demonstrate, churning up earthly foundations and undermining your own support.

His cloak is  grey - a neutral colour of balance and beneath is a splendid pattern reminiscent of Japanese kimonos. It is this hidden element that indicates the connection to the ancestral lineage; a lineage of serving, teaching and guiding what you need to know to move forward in both the physical and spiritual worlds.

Heron is watcher, teacher, guardian. his ancestral lineage is strong and deep and because of this he has the ability to draw knowledge from this ancestral well of dreams.

We hope his story serves you well now and in days to come.