Enter the Dragon

This Dragon has rather a strong personality to say the least. The more he came into being, the chattier ( bossier) he got. It was a collaboration piece between artist Ken Ketchum and myself, but the Dragon really directed the whole thing, "Paint this red, paint me blue, I want gold leaf".   Yeash!  But yes, he is rather splendid with his full eight feet stretched across the wall (and he knows it!).

 "Enter The Dragon" by Heidi Van Impe and Ken Ketchum

 "Enter The Dragon" by Heidi Van Impe and Ken Ketchum

Red-Wing Blackbird Totem


With this ability to harnass the fire, wind and water elements, Blackbird is a very strong ally in the awakening and revelation of hidden skills and talents.

In the collage, we see the blackbird represented as a bird within a bird; very symbolic for if the blackbird enters your life, he is assisting you to develop your hidden talents and reveal your skills to the outer world.


The Honey Bee Totem - Part 1


The honeybee works for the benefit and well-being for all, ensuring that her actions in her short life-time create a healthy and secure future for generations to follow.

This natural and simplistic goodness for a holistic wellbeing of self and others taps into the deep threads of life where all beings are as one, on hive, one harmonious entity. In the image we can see the golden threads of the Earth mapped against the background of space and time; our universal energetic resonance.