"In the Autumn Dawn"

...is the title of this piece that sold last week. It had not long been painted, out the studio door and sold to a happy person. When I asked her if she had seen the fox, she said that she had not and was very pleased when I pointed it out to her. She said she was busy looking at the flowers in the meadow. Exactly the effect I was looking for. I wanted that feeling of standing in the meadow by the woods, seeing all the small things and suddenly, maybe catching the movement of something just in the shadows, just in the boundary where the sunny meadow merges into the forest edge. 


In the Autumn Dawn Oil

In the Autumn Dawn Oil

fox detail

fox detail

In Praise of the Earth - By John O'Donohue


Let us bless

The Imagination of the Earth.

That knew early the patience

To harness the mind of time,

Waited for the seas to warm,

Ready to welcome the emergence

Of things dreaming of voyaging

Among the stillness of land.

And how light knew to nurse

The growth until the face of the Earth

Brightened beneath a vision of color.

When the ages of ice came

And sealed the Earth inside

An endless coma of cold,

The heart of the Earth held hope,

Storing fragments of memory,

Ready for the return of the sun...

Seasonal Knowledge

  In the North, our world is beginning to expand and unfold; buds are unfolding into blossoms, bears have given birth to their young, and bees are expanding their family within the hive. The songs and calls of birds are  more audible and linger into the evening until, when,  there is a transition of duties and the chorus of frogs  leads the twilight into night.


This expansion is the intangible quality of Spring, a quality that keeps us in rhythm with the seasons. We may not remember small details from last Spring, but we certainly remember the feeling, the resonance, the quality of what is Springness. This knowing, this connection, runs in our bones in the same way that a songbird holds the knowledge to return to her nesting grounds. 

Cowichan Valley Lavender Labyrinth

Whitespike_lavenderThe bees were a-buzz at the lavender labyrinth and no wonder, with 20 varieties of lavender to examine. The variety "White Spike", was a favourite amongst those walking the labyrinth although there were some other fantastic lavenders as well, such as the ones that had an apple or fruity scent and oh yes, the yellow lavender that smelled like lemons was also a hit (I noticed they were sold out of the pots).


The maze itself is fairly large but not overwhelmingly so and if you get a chance, when you are in the gift shop, ask for a peak at their drying room. It is truly a wonderous place of cool, dark lavender goodness. You could be cured of what ails you just by standing in there I reckon!


TullyThey of course have the sweetest dog. She's a little scruff of a thing with the cutest fur, well, just look at her... snoogums! She's the official greeter.

If you can get a chance to go, I highly recommend it. Cowichan Valley Lavender Labyrinth

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Foxgloves, Bees and Summer Solstice

It is a cool evening this summer solstice. We eventually decided to settle in the garden with sweaters, a mug of beer and watch the bees go to bed.

I have to show off my friend, he's over seven feet and still growing (I am five feet in this picture... well, I am also five feet all the time but for the sake of measurement is what I mean). I think he might make a good subject for an oil painting. I do love Foxgloves.



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These daffs were a gift from a thoughtful neighbour.  As the yellow intensity fades to a thoughtful hue, an unusual satin texture wrinkles the once exuberant trumpeting petalDaffss and a certain delicate sheen of vibrancy past is still there in wispy paper. Too pretty to throw out, they sat for weeks on the table. Unfortunately my old nib on the fountain pen is no better than a roughed-up chicken toenail for all its scratchings, gasps and peckings. Insisting it is running dry, it will suddenly cough up copious amounts of ink on areas that aren't supposed to be dark and then choose to rough up the paper like it is searching for bugs. It has no regard, NO REGARD, for art.

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