Winter Twilight Blues



Ultramarine, sapphire, indigo, cyan, amethyst, violet.  Velvety and rich, these colours arrive in that magical moment when the rotation of the planet holds light  between the day and the night. It is that moment of the day when we get a chance to be steeped like raw material in this vat of twilight dye...

(Excerpt from the January Newsletter: Earthshine, an inspiring e-letter of nature, art and more.)


Snow Moon Teachings

Snowfall. A time of peace and stillness. Snowfall changes time and space. There is more room, more space for silence to expand. It cloaks and hides the details. Your eye is allowed to range further and there are less distractions as they are hidden under a blanket of white. Your horizon is swept away, flake upon flake until the edges of where you are and where you came from are lost in white.

My best advice is to seek out where woods meet a field, in the country or a city park, it doesn't matter because when you walk out you will be changed by the snowfall.

The trees of the forests will be your guardians.


Walk to the center of that field and listen.



You won't be the same after.

Welcome to January- The Month of Firelight

Keyword -  Introspection

For everyone in the northern hemisphere, we are in the month of dark stillness. Night is partnered with Winter in that eternal marriage of the North. Air is icy and starlight flickers. Our sun, that white star, is pale on the horizon, and makes a low sweep before settling into another night. It is the time of fires, woodsmoke, dreaming and conceiving. We all turn inward with deepening reflection.

How we use this valuable time is up to us. Even in our busy days we need to work with the energy of winter. In the upcoming week, take one moment to light a candle in the evening and check in where you are. Call yourself back, turn inward and reflect. All things have their place in nature and so do you.


Here is the final painting of the snowdrop sketches. Remember when I started it all way back when I bought the pot at Seedy Saturday? is the painting. (Funny thing is, I didn't have to buy any snowdrops at all, as some emerged right in front of the doorstep. Nice!)

But good old bumblebees love snowdrops so it is good to have lots of them in the garden to have something for them to feed on in between snow flurries.


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Snow Fire

Snow_fire It seemed the perfect evening for a winter fire outside in my yard. There was no wind so it wasn't overly chilly and I stayed out for a few hours until I went in for a bowl of home-made soup.

Here the fire is starting off, with strange transparent flames that made it seem that you were looking at the reflection of the fire and not the thing itself.

Later it settled down and burned hotter, the embers in the photo showing up like a lava flow.

It is an enchanting thing to be with both elements at once.


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