The Wind Element

Wind- an element we take for granted, but suddenly remembered when spring changes to summer for the softer breezes that come hold many qualities. Warmth, softness and a tangible feeling that one can sense but not put into words with the intellect.

There is a sense of feeling where the wind has been. This wind that is visiting you is knowing and has seen. It has blown through the smoke of clear cuts, over the heat rising off cracked dry river beds, it has blown through waterfalls, witnessed human confusions, harm, joys and achievements. It remembers you from last year and is visiting you now.

  Remember to greet what can not be seen.



In Praise of the Earth - By John O'Donohue


Let us bless

The Imagination of the Earth.

That knew early the patience

To harness the mind of time,

Waited for the seas to warm,

Ready to welcome the emergence

Of things dreaming of voyaging

Among the stillness of land.

And how light knew to nurse

The growth until the face of the Earth

Brightened beneath a vision of color.

When the ages of ice came

And sealed the Earth inside

An endless coma of cold,

The heart of the Earth held hope,

Storing fragments of memory,

Ready for the return of the sun...

Winter Twilight Blues



Ultramarine, sapphire, indigo, cyan, amethyst, violet.  Velvety and rich, these colours arrive in that magical moment when the rotation of the planet holds light  between the day and the night. It is that moment of the day when we get a chance to be steeped like raw material in this vat of twilight dye...

(Excerpt from the January Newsletter: Earthshine, an inspiring e-letter of nature, art and more.)