Winter Twilight Blues

Ultramarine, sapphire, indigo, cyan, amethyst, violet.  Velvety and rich, these colours arrive in that magical moment when the rotation of the planet holds light  between the day and the night. It is that moment of the day when we get a chance to be steeped like raw material in this vat of twilight dye.

As soft and gentle as smoke, twilight weaves and stains all things. The gold of the day is done and greens and ambers disappear and the very air between trees is a suffusion of blue. It reverberates, vibrates and causes the edges of things to soften and blur.



A most wonderful time, the time between what was and what is to become.

The time of twilight does not last very long, especially in winter. If you remember to see it, to watch this blue silken banner unfurl, take a moment, for you are witnessing the very preparation of nightfall.