Hummingbird Totem

"Hummingbird" 8 X 12 SOLD   A Hummingbird Story

"Hummingbird" 8 X 12 SOLD

A Hummingbird Story

Gifts: joy and courage

Teachings: Hummingbird assists you in discovering the sweetness within yourself and within others.

This smallest of birds has an enormous energetic presence and resonance; a tiny body but with the heart of the Eagle. 

Having Hummingbird as totem asks you to go forward with joyful fearlessness in the discovery of your own divine nature. This takes bravery and determination. To seek the truth for oneself, to experience your reality with clarity, to experience your life and to discover your own true nature, this is the teaching of the flower-bird.

Hummingbird carries both elements of fire and air. The element of fire is that of the sacred knowledge and wisdom. Fire is the spark of creation and the power of love. With fire you can illuminate the mind and the heart and in doing so, transform yourself. The air element expands and liberates the mind. It is the freedom to fly with dreams and visions. This tiny creature holds both elements in his tiny body. His wings shape the infinity symbol over and over as he hovers; his fiery feathers aglow with divine blessings.

Flowers transform the energy of the sun into nectar and the Hummingbird consumes 80% of its diet in liquid sunlight.

Here we see the Hummingbird descending over a golden sun, his wings releasing blossoms of flowers out of which he is made.

Sunlight, blossoms, sweetness and golden light; this winged jewel contains all in his feathered body.

We hope his story serves you well now and in days to come.