Craft Fair Day

 Yesterday I participated in a craft fair with some of my members from our watercolour group. We sold some of our cards and it's fun to hang about and catch up.  So in lieu of not being out and about sketching in nature, I'll post a few card images.


And here's another of sea kelp.


And another of an octopus or goldfish, depending on which way you like to turn your monitor : )


It has been foggy the past two days and when I came home on the ferry it was dusk. The tugboats would come and go into the fog and sometimes you couldn't see anything at all, not even the lights from the shore and considering it's not that far away, that's saying something.  The foghorn was sounding and I could smell the creosote from the dock pilings. I could have stayed ages but my stomach was growling for supper and you just can't ignore that.