And there went November

Well there were no further snow flurries at lower elevations but the mountain behind us certainly received a fair dusting. Very pretty from what I could see of it between the low, puffy clouds brightly lit by the sun.

There is a nice collection of bracket fungus growing on a cedar stump near the path I take when I walk my  longer route. I decided it deserved further consideration, upon which, I'm still not sure what kind of bracket fungus it is (of course). I can only conclude that it is a <b>ganoderma</b> of some sort but of what kind I can not tell as there are many brown-on-top-white-on-bottom ganodermas. Ah well. If anyone should ask I will just cough into my sleeve and say ganoderma simultaneously. If they ask me to repeat myself I will just run away.

sunrise- 7:46 am
sunset- 4:16 pm

Bracketfungus copy