Another Dusting

It snowed lightly through the night so we awoke to a small accumulation. The snow was of a good sort that wasn't sloppy wet but still stuck together to make perfect snowballs. It has been snowing ever so lightly for all of the day as though the clouds can not help themselves and would stop if they could but the snow just seems to keep leaking out. It's like shaking icing sugar through a sieve.  We went for a walk around the gorge and the fish hatchery.  From the footbridge we could spot some salmon still swimming in the river and numerous dead ones on the bottom.  The hatchery is not a fish farm!   You can read about it here if you like

It was only a short lunch break but it was nice to get out in the crisp air and walk beneath the frosted cedars and see how the snow helps to detail the foliage especially the light green beard lichen growing on forest branches.

Snowlichen copy

Oh, the Bird Alert fellow called Ken to follow up on the Snowy Owl sighting. They chatted for a bit and he mentioned that there was a King Eider here in Vancouver of all places, hanging about with the Scoters on the shores of Stanley Park! We shall have to go have a peek!