This Time Last Year

I was reading my nature journal from the previous year and it was much colder around this time. Cold (but not too cold) and dry enough to produce frost flowers.  These are beautiful and fragile creations made from moisture being forced out of stems and logs and freezing in loopy swirls. I had first noticed the frost flower when I stepped over a dead log in the path. I had to go back and touch it. Was I surprised to find it was frost as it didn't feel cold enough for it!  I then began noticing them in weedy stems of bushes here and there. All in all, the weather held perfectly for a few days so I could spot them on my walks.  I hope we get the same conditions again. I'd love to take photos this time. My quick sketch really doesn't look like much at all. 


In fact, just go to this website and have a gander at what they REALLY look like