She Sells Seashells By The Seashore

So I need to mention it was sunny Tuesday just. I need to mention it because it has been raining so much that even my mother, who is visiting from England, exclaimed that, "she had never seen the like". So there you go. It was so warmish and sunny, we went for a walk around Stanley Park ( about 2 hrs) and sat on the beach and sketched for an hour. We were visited by a few gulls...  Thayer's Gull and a Ring-billed Gull (so thinks my mum).  They posed for us in hopes of something to eat but we were stingy sketchers and they didn't get anything for their poses. Besides, they wouldn't stay still.Gulls

A few shells... Dark Mahogany Clam or Varnished Clam and Pacific Blue Mussels.