Spiderwebs and Kingfishers

I took the dog out early to the creek before the heat of the day built up. I decided to head off the path and push my way through the scrub to get to a different part of the creek. This meant pushing through spider webs (yeesh) which are becoming quite numerous at this time of year but it was worth it because I had company after a while. A Belted Kingfisher perched upon a dead branch overhanging the creek and with many a rattling call, surveyed for small fish. I can't imagine how he catches anything with all the noise he makes. I looked him up in the book when I got home and indeed Belted Kingfishers are rowdy birds even though they are loners. Maybe they are the crazy-voices-in-head loners of the bird world. Mad ravings and accusations of other birds stealing their jet propulsion plans that will change migratory patterns forever. Such a shame.