I'm back. Where have I been you ask? Well my job kicked in full time at the garden nursery so that's where I have been all these months. "You couldn't even post once?" you ask incredulously. Nope. I would walk home and fall asleep on the couch and do it all again the next day. I haven't even surfed anyone else's sites either. I have lots of catching up to do!  However, now that the busy season is over and my hours are cut back, I can get back to some sketching (and maybe a few photos for the busy days).

My co-worker brought this beetle in for me to identify. It had drowned in her glass of juice that she had left out overnight on her balcony. I couldn't find anything of interest about it on the internet save that it can do a good deal of damage to conifers when they are an infestation. I find, when looking up bugs and beetles and whatnot, if they are a destructive insect, there is no mention of interesting facts, just the general lifecycle and how to kill them. I think I'll email my bugfriend and see if he knows why the antenna are shaped the way they are and why it has such a dense amount of hair on its underside.


High +23 although with humidity, felt like +29
Low + 15