Aborted Camping Attempt

So we went camping but had to return early as we had only one bottle of bug spray. The mosquitoes were so bad that we ran through one bottle of spray in a matter of hours. Usually we have been lucky and don't need bug spray and only bring it as a backup measure. I do not like spraying chemicals and I do not like WEARING chemicals either.  I guess it is to be expected when the campsites are situated around the swamp area of the lake and not on the far side of the lake itself. We drove further down the road to find more sites but the road was closed off by a metal gate so we didn't have much choice. Despite the fact we had bought firewood and marshmallows, we didn't even bother with an evening fire in the pit because the mosqies were so voracious.
Anyway, apart from the mosquitoes, it was a lovely lake for swimming and there were many frogs, no doubt to the happy smorgasbord of bugs. I haven't seen that many frogs in a long time. I finally saw a Pacific Tree frog.  (I always heard them at the old apartment but they can be tricky to find as they are so small.) The Tree frog was sitting on the floating dock and looked for all the world like a piece of jewellery that had fallen out of some one's pocket. Apparently they are quite comfortable in most environments due to the waxy coating on their skin.



We had a campsite right on the edge of the lake.


And yes, it was worth the bites to see the frogs. Good bugs AND (sighs) bad bugs.