Maplewood Flats

This annoying because I find myself making journal entries in two different books, so any days missing need to be checked for in the large black book... no, not the one with the heavier paper, but the other one, with the lighter-weight paper... and not the square black, lighter-weight paper one either, but the rectangular-shaped one. Yeesh.
Okay. So. I went down to Maplewood Flats which is a nice little bird conservation area. Not much happening today, but I gather, from the long bird list on the side of the cabin, it can be a busy place.
Today we saw pine siskins for the first time. It was helpful that an older fellow mentioned they were around because to me they just looked like streaky sparrows. It was hard to make out the yellow in the wings and tail as indicated by the book. So if the kind birder hadn't mentioned it, it would haven been frustrating to say the least.
Also seen: An American Widgeon hanging out with a flock of mallards
                Two female Buffleheads ( no males nearby)
                Red-winged Blackbirds
                Black-capped Chickadees
                Green-winged Teal
                Numerous gulls ( too complicated to sort out)
                Great Blue Heron
                Horned Grebe ( small and energetic!)
                A loon that was too far away to make out what kind.