Crows and Raccoons

Snow is slowly melting around the neighbourhood under the relentless drizzle of rain. Further up the hill, one can see snowfall fresh on the slopes.

Finally got some peanuts at the bird store as well as one of those wooden and rosin bird calls. I've always read about them but never have tried one. Perhaps, if Maggie is not too limpy we can go up to the wooded park to entice the Kinglets from the treetops.
The crows were making a huge fuss near the front of the house this morning. One by one, they were alighting upon the telephone poles and wires, making an enormous racket. Watching about 25 crows letting it rip was something to see. I suspected there was a cat hiding somewhere although I was puzzled by their intense hatred. I finally saw what was causing the frenzy when a very harassed raccoon ran, all humpty-backed, across the street to hide in the bushes.