Termite Surprise

Termites are generally categorized by the food that they
eat, so there are the dampwood termites, the drywood,
subterranean, soil feeding and grass feeding. My friend at work found these
Dampwood termites as she was ripping up the rotting
patio. It was the perfect location for them as these
kind of termites enjoy wood that stays moist and this
patio certainly did that as it would get bathed in the
sprinkler system that went off in the nursery during
the dry summer months and nevermind mentioning the
long months of the rainy season. Their homes are quite
cozy as you won't find huge termite mound nests with
the Dampwoods. These termites live in galleries chewed
throughout the rotting wood. Often the galleries are
plugged with their fecal pellets to maintain a high
humidity and the gallery chamber walls are nibbled to
a fine silky-smooth finish. No self-respecting termite
wants to get splinters everywhere.