Mason Bees

It's that time of year again when the mason bees are
breaking out of their little mud plugged holes. I've
gathered together my mason bee tubes in one location near
their homes and refilled their homes with fresh new tubes.
Last year I didn't have much luck with them repopulating
their home but I wonder if it was because I moved their bee
house in mid bee business. I had too, as the house was too
exposed to the weather and the cardboard tubes that they
inhabit were getting wet by the sideways rain. That kind of
moisture in the tube leads to mite infestation so the bee
man told me. My best bet was to move the house and hope for
the best. Well, I've had a few tubes inhabited and now, the
mud plugs have been broken open, so there has been some
activity. The males come out first before the females. The
females will break out in a few weeks if the weather holds.