Re: Spinyuchin

After much work, I have Spinyurchin back up. The other year, I had been messing around with the templates and somehow screwed up my blog; some pages would appear correctly while others wouldn't and the "comments" field would not display at all. Disheartened, I took it off-line to tinker with it but weeks turned into months and I never got around to it fully, just piecemeal. On the plus side, I had done a backup of the content, it was just finding the time to manually post every picture and blurb. On the downside, I can't get the corresponding "comments by visitors" inserted. This is a shame because not only is it nice to read the comments but I feel it really helps to round out the blog.  I sure had fun going back over all the old entries and comments I tells ya and it makes you realize how important it is to keep a journal. Lots of little happenings of the day just get plain forgotten.