Zion National Park

In Zion, the campsites are located right in the park, on the floor of the canyon itself and the view all around you is one of magnificent cliffs that soar straight up for thousands of feet.

Fortunately the canyon floor is not a narrow one so the campsites are quite sunny and cheerful with the Virgin River that cut the canyon (and still cuts it) running through the length of the park. There are many black poplars that grow throughout the canyon floor, irrigated by drainage ditches and pump systems, providing shade. It is a busy campground but worth it to be in the heart of the matter. A fantastic backdrop to our campsite in Zion is the picture I painted here of "The Watchman". This is a huge chunk of sandstone, the highest elevation point being 4419 feet. At sunset it would catch the golden rays and look very majestic.


To get a quick idea of what Zion National Park is like, check out this link which has a good representation of views you would see in any area of the park.