Aspen Trees = Sneaky Trees


As we know, aspen groves grow from one seedling and spread by means of root suckering. So, it's not like an oak tree whereby one acorn=one oak tree. It's one seedling and then a whole grove, or colony, some trees suckering out some 40 meters from the parent, making you think it's a whole new grove...but it's not, because they are sneaky. Moreover, while the trees themselves have a life span of 40- 150 years, the root system underground can live for thousands of years. EEEeee. Yeah. I know, a whole new perspective on these trees eh? Apparently, there is a colony in Utah that they estimate to be 80 000 years old.The grove even has its own name for crying out loud; "Pando", which means 'I spread' in Latin.

Oh my, the things they've seen (say in a high-pitched British old lady voice).

So this painting is misleading because there are no aspens here in the
Vancouver area, being too warm and wet for their growth. This painting
is from a pic from, yes, the Utah holiday. Moreover, the leaves weren't
quite changing for the season, sadly, as that would have been something
to see. Perhaps it is a good job as I might never have come home, just
camped out like some crazed hermit under the aspens, slowly becoming introduced to the colony. I would always be considered an outsider of course, but they would come to accept my human ways.