BNF Happy Moment

Much joy to be had today. I found a whole colony of Bird's Nest Fungus growing close to my house. It's like having my own personal stash of BNF. Previously, I have found only one here and there, found by chance and I agree it is marvy to happen upon something you did not expect to find but knowing there is a cluster of them growing nearby makes me very happy. They were full of their little "eggs" and sitting all industriously around the base of a tree right next to the main trail for all love.


These little splash cups launch the small "eggs" or peridioles out of the cup when struck by rain drops. The airborne peridiole trails a sticky kite tail behind it called the hapteron which catches on branches or twigs. Once some distance from the parent fungus, the peridiole dries up, splits open and releases spores. Amazing. It makes me happy.