Mud Bay

Joined up with the Birds on the Bay bird group for a walk on the shore trails of Mud Bay. The sun was shining and it was a real treat to come out from under the shadows of the cedars and hemlocks and onto the flat open expanse of the Fraser Valley's delta with its open skies and golden winter grasses.
I saw my first Eurasian Widgeon! He was sitting with the American Widgeons and the sun was causing his head to glow quite a cinnamon red. He didn't know how great he looked because he was napping.
As we started heading back to the parking lot, we spotted a male and female Northern Harrier which are familiar sights over these fields. We all stopped to have a look as our guide pointed out the various ID markings. We must have looked rather odd because we were actually facing the main highway at this point, watching the Harriers on the other side. A couple, out for their morning walk, asked us quizzically what we were watching. "Honda Civic", replied my husband deadpanned, tracking the whizzing blur with his binoculars.


Here we are, admiring the puddle ducks.

Several members mentioned the Long-billed Curlew that could be found over in the Blackie Spit area. Since it was just a fifteen minute drive away we went over to have a look but no joy; just some napping American Widgeons and a loon off in the distance. But here, read this blog for the irony!