Comet Lulin

Friday night. Saw it... even through the light pollution of the city. I was determined to find it and then started giving up hope but ole eagle-eyed hubby spotted it ( SO annoying his eyes are better than mine). It is described as an "erasure mark in the sky" and sure enough that's what it looked like. It was like looking at the Pleiades, or I should say, it was like NOT looking at the Pleiades. You can only really see it when you aren't staring directly at it and that is hard because your brain is all excited and going, " A comet! A comet!" and wants to lock down on the image with your eyes, but then you can't see you have tell your brain to chill out.
I'm sure it is easier to see when you aren't in the city and no doubt, many a lucky person can see it quite plainly looking straight at it.
The Moon and Venus were were putting on a show as well. Lined up together, crescent and planet, it was quite the sight.


Moon and Venus behind the back-yard apple tree