Grouse Mountain

It is still chilly and snowy today. The yard is peeping through with green patches in places, but overall, it is still white. The mountain view out of my living room window is very wintry. From my angle, I can see both of the ski cuts on the mountain and if I train my binoculars on the cuts, I can see tiny specs zigzagging their way down.
Grouse Mountain is one of the many mountains on the North Shore. Their steepness prevents the neighbourhood from outright dominating the landscape, though you can make out new subdivisions crawling up their flanks. (Then the tears come when there is a windstorm and trees crash onto roofs and let us not forget the moral outrage when bears show up in the backyard. The local newspaper is a-flutter I tell you.)


The North Shore Mountain range is a bit deceiving. It is heavily forested and because it isn't extremely high, it looks capable of "doing". From a distance, the mountains have a soft, rolling look and they hide the gorges, sheer drops, ravines and sudden cliffs.
The famous bit, apart from the ski runs, is the Grouse Grind, a vertical hike of 2,800 feet. I can appreciate exercise, but that's just not for me. Folks have told me that it is like hiking in a mall, but vertical; it is that busy and that boring. According to their website, 100 000 people hike that trail each year. Yep, so not for me.