Steller's Jays

These jays are probably one of my favourite birds with their gorgeous blue colouring and inquisitive bold behaviour. We have a couple of Steller's Jays who habitually come to visit for their peanut hand-out. (Just don't tell the neighbours across the alley, not that the neighbours want the peanuts, what I mean is, that they don't like having birds around their vegetable garden.)


The jays choose their peanuts with care. No hasty dashing and grabbing peanuts willy-nilly. Oh no. They carefully go through the pile of peanuts and shake each one and weigh them up in their beaks to decide whether the meat in the shell is worth the energy expenditure of caching. They fly away, sometimes only ten feet or so, and hide them in the lawn by pushing them into the ground and then covering the cache with a leaf or a clump of grass clippings. Sneaky! When they are really feeling lazy they will cache the peanuts in the geranium window box right next to where they are sitting. Then I dig them out and offer them back to the jays when they aren't looking. Oh yes, it is nonstop with crazy good times here.