Rainy Lane

Ah rain. Mist, drizzle, downpour, I care not what so long as it is quenching the ground. I know I'm not cut out for this kind of heat and sunshine when I get happy about rain. No squinting, no tickle trickle of sweat, no consuming vast goldfish bowls of water and still remaining parched. No sir.
I say this now, but wait until the end of November when I'm shuffling from room to room looking for one day of sun. Fickle human...fickle as the weather itself. Touché, weather, touché.


So, an after dinner walk was quite pleasant and refreshing with lanes and back alleys all dripping and freshly washed. The sun fought towards the end and things brightened and a hint of pink was to be seen on the clouds, everything pearly grey, lavender and soothing.