Moonlight And Water


This was actually painted in the early part of the month, when the moon was actually full. I believe now it is on the wax again and I thought I saw a half moon through the cloud haze tonight. I learned a neat reminder for remembering if the moon is waning or waxing. You must say to yourself, "Dog comes, cat goes." If the moon has a "D" shape it is getting bigger like a big dog. If the moon shape looks like a "C", then it is waning, like a cat running away.

It sounds weird but it works. If you go here and look at the phases, you will see how it the letter shape, grows and diminishes as the belly of the moon grows and diminishes.

I am off to the Moab desert for two weeks camping. First time ever for me, so it will be quite a treat! Take care y'all and catch up with you later.