Open House -North Vancouver Artists




Poster designed by Michael Gordon

Yesterday was our first open house at 195 Pemberton Studios. Open from 11-5pm, it was a busy day with many of the community coming by to see what we were up to. It is so nice to meet new artists and hear feedback from locals. Working art studios that are open to the public are few and far between on the North Shore and it was lovely to hear support from the community.



Matt Framion (left), sculptor, painter and musician takes a quick break with

Michael Gordon, artist and graphics designer.


Christa Harding, busy in her studio.



The amazing sculptures of Regina von wyl  were on display.



Sandrine Pelliser, fine artist, (short dark hair) stands in front of her studio.

The "O", is a Corian sculpture by Richard Marmion, sculptor, designer, artist.



The ever amazing Terri Margo (on right) stands with friends.