The Robin of Spring

Spring has been busy here while I was away. It has been busy for some time actually, pushing up shoots in the cold earth, bringing migrations of birds in the winds and flooding the banks of the local creeks. Robin_in_the_rain

The robins have been hopping about for some weeks now and it is not unusual to find sixty or so birds hanging out together, covering the lawns and trees before they separate into their own territories that they will defend vigorously with the power of song, closing the end of day with their invisible musical fences.

For certain people and places, robins are symbols of new beginnings as they come with the spring, a time of growth, even when clouds, (as grey as the robin's back) shower cold rain on the ground. Their energetic movement reminds you to call upon their energy if you are feeling the cold spring blahs and their warm orange vest reminds you to visualize the rays of the sun and the days getting longer.


Robin Medicine invites you to see clearly. Their white ring around the eye emphasizes this trait, as they run with their characteristic quick gait across the lawn. Suddenly they stop, and look alertly before proceeding once again. They are hunting by clear sight and their medicine invites you to do the same. 

Robin Medicine: New beginnings and growth brought with the clarity of seeing clearly.